XBT® is an innovative, mobile, and extremely versatile exercise machine
for functional training, fighting, boxing, and group fitness.
It consists of a comfortable belt, two cable pulls with steel springs, hand
and foot loops. To achieve an effective full-body workout, attach the cables
to your hands and feet.


To achieve an effective full-body workout, attach the cables to your hands and feet. Every time you make a movement, you will be working to overcome the spring force. You’ll feel the resistance thereby training your upper body and legs. The integrated adjustment mechanism challenges both beginners and experienced professionals alike to overcome their personal limits. Whether you’re working on knee bends, kicks, punches, jumps, or other functional exercises – you will simultaneously improve your strength, speed, and endurance.

Feel the resistance with the one-of-a-kind XBT®!


The Do It Academy has already developed XBT® SPEED and
XBT® SLOWMO, two course concepts that guarantee fun,
sweat, and sore muscles.





• Product weight 2.2 kg
• Comfortable belt for outstanding comfort
• Padded hand and foot loops
• High-quality spring technology
• Long lasting
• Adjustable resistance for your upper body (1-2 kg)
• Leg resistance 5 kg


Date Class Mastercoach Place Registration
02. & 03. June XBT-SPEED Basic Instructor Klaus Kirsch

Area2 Sports


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29. & 30. September XBT-SPEED Basic Instructor Klaus Kirsch  Lünescheid
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20. & 21. October 2018
XBT-SPEED Basic Instructor Klaus Kirsch


(Körperform Skyloft)

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8. & 9. December XBT-SPEED Basic Instructor Klaus Kirsch  coming soon! Login now!

Mastercoach Klaus Kirsch

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Our Partner for XBT EDUCATION - The DO-IT-ACADEMY by Klaus Kirsch.



Event Date Place Description Details
FIBO 12. - 15. April Cologne, Germany Fitness fair learn more...

Pure Emotion

23. June

Fürth, Germany


Group Fitness Convention


learn more...
World Fitness Day  13. & 14. July
Frankfurt, Germany Fitness Convention learn more...
Pure Emotion DFAV 13. & 14. October Erdingen, Germnay Group Fitness Convention learn more...
IFAA Festival 22. & 23. September Heidelberg, Germany Group Fitness Festival learn more...
Pure Emotion 27. October Bad Homburg, Germany Group Fitness Convention learn more...
Pure Emotion 3rd November Dormagen, Germany Convention: X-Press Yourself learn more...


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THE XBT story

The product idea of a versatile cable system for the gym has its origin in the first cooperation of our sales partner Powrx and our mastercoach Klaus Kirsch.

Klaus Kirsch commissioned Powrx to find high quality resistance bands for his fighting training. In the further course of the project, Klaus Gremmelspacher from Powrx came up with the idea of replacing the resistance bands with spring balancers, similar to the product Pro-X Walker, for versatile resistance training. On the initiative of Powrx, a meeting with Carl Stahl Kromer (producer of the Pro-X Walker), Powrx and Klaus Kirsch was arranged to promote the idea. Then Klaus Kirsch assembled the first prototype with spring balancers from Carl Stahl Kromer, Made in Germany.

This version was ultimately the basis for further product development, which was carried out and successfully completed by Carl Stahl Kromer, incorporating the expertise of Klaus Kirsch.


Due to the close cooperation and the input of all three parties, our XBT was finally born…


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